A Weaving Together

Friday 1 September, 10am-6pm

Drop-in and weave!  We welcome you to return to Forgan Arts Centre to put your new found weaving skills into practice.

On Friday 1 September from 10am we will be using the weaving techniques taught by Geoff Forrest to building the willow wattle fence in The Sentient Garden. We’d very much appreciate your help, drop in anytime from 10am. If you require any support to attend, please let us know.

A Weaving Together is organised as part of the creation of The Sentient Garden, a multisensory microcosm within the wider garden environment at Forgan Arts Centre. This commission is funded by The Lady Margaret Skiffington Trust.

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About The Sentient Garden

The Sentient Garden is the creation of a new sensory space at Forgan Arts Centre, led by artist and writer Rowan Lear. Reversing the traditional sensory garden which tends to revolve around human senses, The Sentient Garden is inspired by all the ways that plants are feeling, responding, learning, remembering and altering their surroundings. The project aims to reimagine the garden as a multisensory and sentient ecology where plants, people and other creatures dwell together.

About the artist

Dr Rowan Lear is an artist, writer, and landworker, living in Scotland. Their doctoral research project, A Photographing Body, was a material and philosophical encounter with the bodies of those marginalised in histories and theories of photography: workers, women, children, plants, animals, and minerals. Rowan takes care of Glasgow Seed Library, a project hosted by the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Glasgow, and is a Lecturer in Photography at University of Cumbria. Across art and organising, their practice involves earthly curiosity, multispecies plotting, queer collusion, getting stuck and feeling sticky.


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