Rural Connections: Radical Acts of Plork

P L O R K is a playful term invented by Corita Kent, an American artist, educator, former religious sister, and advocate for social justice. It combines PLay and wORK.

Radical Acts of Plork is a creative exploration of community play, care, and rest, with and for each other as a means of regenerative social and environmental healing. Radical Acts of Plork at Forgan Arts Centre is designed and led by artist Ruby Pester.

“We tend to think of play as abstract without a goal, and somewhat irresponsible, while work suggests a goal , is specific, honorable. Because of this, play can be more challenging – even though we have been taught to perceive work as that challenge. We need a third word – one which combines the two concepts and allows us to recognise them together as one responsible act necessary for human advancement. We combine the abstract and the concrete, the joy and the labour. That word would represent the ecstasy we feel when work and play are one.”

Corita Kent, from her book Learning By Heart, Teachings To Free The Creative Spirit

Radical Acts Of Plork lends our imaginations to building creative, nurturing intergenerational community experiences. The project will engage multi – generational carers and queer communities to develop and co-create with invited artists, makers, and educators, to make a series of interactive artworks which activate the estate including the gardens, grounds, and The Gardener’s Cottage. The project will;

  • centre community care and our interconnection with nature as a means of regenerative social and environmental healing and wellbeing
  • explore ideas of liberation through ‘plork’- work and play as one
  • consider ‘creative interruptions of Capitalism’ as a means to radically re-imagine and re-build the systems of our world, looking to our collective future

The community groups participating will design and make different elements of the project. This activity is possible thanks to Creative Scotland‘s Participatory Arts & Mental Health Fund.


“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audre Lorde


Rural Connections is led by artist Ruby Pester. Ruby’s research and community consultation is culminating in a series of activities, workshops, and events called On The Table. If you’d like to get involved with On The Table visit our Events page to see upcoming activities.

Ruby Pester is a visual and social artist living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. She has been creating work collaboratively across Scotland and internationally since 2008 and is one half of the collaborative artist duo Pester & Rossi. Her practice derives from visual art and leads to creating live art, sculpture, installation and public interventions in response to people and places. Ruby embraces a collective working approach, hosting public events and workshops, often working with young people to create art that explores and activates collective experiences of play, making and civic celebration.


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