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About the Plot

Our Community Growing Plot is a shared and community owned space for growing food. Work started in the Summer of 2022 to create a site for shared growing for people who don’t have access to greenspace or time to manage their own allotment year-round.

The space is lovingly cared for by volunteers and we are keen to welcome new volunteers, whether you’re an experienced gardener or a novice, to join in.

Environmental Sustainability

The plot uses the method of no-dig or no-till growing and has raised beds made from recycled wood donated to us by Dundee Wood Recycling Centre. We use a no-dig method of growing plants as it’s good for the environment, actively improving soil health and improving carbon sequestration. We are committed to sustainability, improving biodiversity, and positively impacting the natural environment. Other activities we do to demonstrate this commitment include:

  • Adding any garden waste to our compost and leaf mould bays
  • Feeding kitchen waste to the worms in our wormery
  • The use of chemical pesticides, herbicides and weedkillers are not allowed on the estate

How to get involved

Dr Helena Simmons is the Garden Facilitator and hosts Rake & Bake, our weekly Saturday gardening meet up. Helena is a qualified gardener and grower of vegetables with a broad knowledge she’s always happy to share. Join us for free gardening sessions every Saturday from 10am-4pm (drop-in) and find out more via our Events page.

The Community Garden Plot was made possible with thanks to Dandelion 2022 and Fife Council.

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