Wormery Workshop

Saturday 16 March, 11am-12pm

Join us in building a new wormery at Forgan Arts Centre. We will assemble a wormery made from recycled plastic and get it started by adding cardboard, food scraps, and worms. There will be advice on how to build your own wormery, tips on how to keep your worms healthy, time for questions, and a chance to meet the worms!

Wormery’s build the food recycling capacity at the centre and with a busy spring on the horizon, we’re increasing the size of our wormery to ensure we can recycle all food scraps. By recycling food waste in the wormery we prevent food going to landfill. Food in landfill breaks down and produces methane which is a greenhouse gas and has a negative impact on the environment. Instead, we recycle food in the wormery which has a low carbon impact, reducing our carbon footprint. The wormery also provides worm juice – a liquid fertiliser for plants – as well as nutrient rich soil amendment.

This session is free and led by Garden Facilitator Dr Helena Simmons. This session is free and there will be tea, coffee, and snacks available via the Coorie Community Café.

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